My Single Life And Be Happy Forever


^.^!!Love Me More Than Youuuu:)

Recently I was busy of my work:)
Feel happy and enjoy.
No more clubbing and drink to me:)
Change~Change~Change All...
I know I can do it!!!
No matter how I'm feel tired,stress,sad,mad or blah blah anythings~
I always keep SMILE everyday in my life:)
That's what I wanted...just be happy and enjoy life 2013!!!
More two months is my sweet 21 big girl birthday:)wuhuuu~~~feel happy!!!arghhh~~~good night^.^muwacks~~~

❤03/05-0405/2013 羅志祥無極限巡迴演唱會Over The Limit 2013-Malaysia Genting Highlands Arena Of Star❤

I'm so happy because I saw him Show Lo 羅志祥~Finally,First Time See His Concert:)I Can't Forget The Moment Forever!!!Love Him So Much Much~~~Support Him Forever^.^!!!!
Gambateh Show Lo~Good Show❤



And My BFF Forever:))


2013 Picha❤

2013 New Year New Me!!!Yeah~~~